Wednesday, January 20, 2010


100 Burpee Pull-ups

I used the rings instead of the bar with a full jump ensuring my chin got above the hands.

My time: 22:13

This WOD really kicked my ass. It didn't feel like 22 minutes. When you're delirious in the middle of the work out, your "time-space continuum" gets all jacked. LIke when I got to #40, I felt so awesome, like, "I can do this" but when I realized that I had 60 to go it feels sooooo overwhelming. Then when I go to 80, I could see the tunnel real close... But the last 20 were really tough. I felt a wall go up at #85. I did 5. Break. I did another 5. Break---- wasn't sure if I could do it. Then I had the whole gym shouting words of encouragement and support. My last five were powerful, and in good form.

I felt like death, but really really accomplished. Amazing. Amazing. Crossfit is a place to get over your "I can't"s.

16 oz. unsweetened ice tea
1 Spinach Feta wrap, egg whites
1/2 Napa Chicken Salad sandwich
1 banana
8oz raw milk
1.5oz Almonds

I totally know that I'm not eating enough just yet, I feel it in my workouts.

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