Monday, August 29, 2011

When I dip you dip we dip!

Three rounds for time of:

12 Muscle-ups

75 Squats 30 sit ups

Good news! I did my first unassisted ring dip on Friday night at CF LAX... then I did a few more. Now I have acquired the 2 skills/movements that are vital to acquiring a muscle-up: Strict Pull up and ring dips!!! Yay!

So when I saw this WOD, I immediately knew that I wanted to work on my the transition portion of the MU: the part where you transition from the pull up to the bottom position of a ring dip. I was seated on the floor, with a band under my butt, the rings were just above my head so I can false grip them... I would use all my strength to pull up then throw all my weight forward to get perpendicular with the rings and then finish with full extension of my arms. 12 x 3 rounds was grossly tiring. 

Afterwards my arms were just burning. 

So sleepy. Must sleep. 

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