Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's within my grasp

Five rounds for time of:

40 Double-unders

30 Step ups, 18.5"

20 Kettlebell swings, .5 pd

Warm Up:

Perform 5 sets of the following:

2 Back squats

1 Rope climb

Back squats should be heavy and rope climbs should be legless if possible.

The warm up was good. On my first rope climb I actually reached the top rafter--- My first time! I didn't look down cause then I'd freak the fuck out. The back squats were difficult. I did feel a pop in my left hip at 75#s, but no pain and I had good range of motion. 

The WOD was fun. I really really really should have done a 14" box. I think the reps plus the 18" irritated my hip. Not bad, but it definitely stressed it a bit. I went really light on the KBs. Even half pood was making my back feel tweaky. 

My DUs were pretty good. In round 2 I fucked up a lot. Round 1 I did 40 straight through. The other rounds I stopped only once. 

I'm moving. Signed the lease today. Gonna save about $500 a month. That's $6000 a year. I'll definitely have to adjust to having a roommate. But we're old now, I think we can just say what is expected of each other, and what we want. I think it's difficult for some to realize that when I'm at home, I'm pretty quiet... and I need that cause I'm soooo social, talky and outgoing in public. To counter that, I find that I really need the time in my home to not utter a word or have to listen to anyone; communication truly ceases with me. Like a decompression. 

I had a roommate over 10 years ago that I met when working as a server/hostess then cook, and she fell for the bubbly, social Lauren. We moved in together and she would talk my ear off and try to engage me, and all I wanted was some peace and quiet... I found myself in my room just to get away. Imagine not wanting to go into your own living room to avoid having to talk to someone? Or trying to time when the roommate is in her room so you can get a glass of water from the kitchen. Ugh. I don't think I would ever let it get to that point now. Plus Kaz and I are both super busy which will give time to "miss" each other. 

I'm sleeping in tomorrow. I need it. 

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