Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cowardly Lion whom wishes she had heart

Tabata Pull ups
2 min Rest
Tabata Push Ups
2 min Rest
Tabata Chair Sit on Parallette Bars

I think 12 pull ups chained together is the most I've ever done. Woohoo! I guess my arms are still functioning after the 60 shoulder presses I did yesterday. 

I kinda broke a sweat today with the Chair-sits. On round 4 of the push ups I had to go down on my knees. Muscle failure. 

I can't run. I get little shots of electricity in the joint area. 

I rolled on the Lacrosse ball for 40 mins today and it felt sooooo painful, but good. My sleep was slightly better than the night before; but still not completely restful. 

Chiro appt with Dr. Yu on Tuesday @ 4pm. Can't wait. 

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