Monday, May 30, 2011



For time:

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

1 mile run

On this Memorial Day, I did this WOD in honor of all the service men and women past and present whom give the ultimate sacrifice of their lives on the battlefield. "Murph" is named after Lt. Michael Murphy. Read about his courage under fire. 

I am really really really happy with my work today. I verbalized a goal of 75mins to finish the WOD, which I obviously succeeded. I've never done Full Murph so I don't have a time to compare it to, but let's put into perspective my improvement of fitness in the past year since I did Half Murph on March 17, 2010 . I did more than DOUBLE the work and improved my time over 2 minutes. I say more than double the work because I have progressed to unassisted kipping pull up vs jumping pull up, and my push ups are now on my feet vs knees, though I'm still using a band. 

This is how I broke up the work:

And this is how I tracked my work:

Per usual, the runs really sucked for me. Actually the first 800m was fine. It was the subsequent last three 800m that were yucky. After doing all the pull ups and push ups, I couldn't hold my arms up while running. My body just wouldn't stay upright while I ran. 

I was very impressed with my strict adherence to making sure each rep was perfect and could not be questioned as half ass. Again, that whole eating clean BS came into play with my pull ups. I thought for a second that I maybe wouldn't be able to do all 100 pull ups unassisted, but I felt like the PUs were almost "easy." The push ups were difficult but I made sure that I kept my body tight and all 200 were really nice looking push ups. Squats were squats. 

So ya, I'm pretty happy with my work. Body feels good. Never really felt like death. I think I paced myself really well. Murph is definitely a once a year WOD. It makes it special, holding it with reverence just like Lt. Michael Murphy and his bravery that fateful day Iraq. 

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