Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want to be unscared

The wall walks are a hand stand against the wall, back facing out so you can get that hollow position, and you lift one hand and smack your chest. They're really difficult. Really, the dips killed me. The last round, I was doing one at a time. The hollow rocks are never pleasant, but they went quick. During round 2, I couldn't get a solid handstand; I fell times, all because of my arms collapsing underneath me. Your arms fail if you're not in a solid hollow position; if you are, then your weight is being evenly distributed and supported by your core, not just your arms. Does that makes sense?

In the second set of wall walks in the third round, I finally figured this out and I was able to do 17 straight.

I really liked the WOD. My arms and shoulders are gonna be sore tomorrow. Yippee!

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