Sunday, May 15, 2011

I came back to this

In teams of 2 for time: 

Heavy Farmer's Carry 400m while partner...

Wall Ball for as many reps as possible

Row 750m while partner...

Lateral Burpees for as many reps as possible 

Both partners switch off for each couplet. 

Score is time minus the amount of reps. 1 rep=1 sec.

Jamie Gilbert and I were partners in crime. The worse part of the WOD had to be the farmer carry. I took more breaks than I wanted during the 400m. It was my triceps that were killing me. Hot, searing burning in both arms as I took small, hurried steps with 26.5# kettlebells in each hand. I took so long, but thought at least Jamie would be able to do a lot of WBs. I believe she pulled an even 100. 

When I finished, I went into the Wall balls, which weren't so bad. They definitely very taxing on me since I have to use my entire body to get the 6# ball to the 10ft line. I clocked 76 reps by the time Jamie got back from her Farmer's carry. 

Onto the 750m row, it took me 4:00, which isn't that great, being that it takes me 2:30 to row 500m. It only should have taken me a minute longer if I would have kept the 2:30/500m pace. But my legs were completely shot from the wall ball. Jamie was able to accomplish 27 burpees in 4 mins.

My strategy for the burpees was DON'T STOP MOVING. It resulted in a good amount of reps: 30. 
When we called time, I felt dizzy. I'm sure it's a combo if me taking 8 days off and that I'm about half way into my Whole30 cleanse. 

Today, my legs are pretty sore. It feels good. I've missed you Crossfit. 

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