Monday, May 09, 2011

Let's remember this day

I know that I said that I was going to take a week off from WOD'ing, but after my amazing yoga experience with Mary Beth LaRue at Yogis Anonymous on Friday, I felt my hip was definitely on the mend. If you notice I programmed a WOD that did not use any hip flexion whatsoever. 

So I got my area all set up: box to reach the bar, band for my push ups, jump rope--- all by the pull bar. I did get pull away from the area and when Zeb called 10 seconds, I returned to find my band gone, my box GONE. I had to hurriedly scrap together my "station." I ended up using a thicker band than I wanted. Originally, I was going to do 7 push ups, but since I was using a thicker band I went up to 10. I started late. And then when I got hooked into my band for my push ups, I find that the culprit whom moved all my shit was doing C2B right over me, pretty much kicking me in the head. Zeb had to move her over. Either way, the way my WOD started got me all in a funk. I GUESS I'm satisfied with my work, but I think I could ecked out at least 6 full rounds. 

I rolled out my hip afterwards. Everything feels great. No pain, soreness or tension. I can't wait to jump back in full bore. 

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