Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Falling in love all over again

For time:

200 double-unders

100 kb swings, 53/35 100 Squats

* For every missed double-under AND every break in kb swings, row 25 m  do 5 Dumb bell push presses after final kb swing squat. Your time stops when the row  push presses are finished. For example, if you miss 25 double unders and break 5 times in the kb swings squats, you need to row 750m  do 150 push presses (30 x 5) before stopping your clock.

My time:  17:29

I am really really happy with my time. The first 100 DUs, I took 4 breaks. I did 40 straight, then another 10, another 26  straight, then took on last break before hitting 101. The last 100 DUs was another story. I took a total of 7 breaks. And my breaks this time around were longer in time. I was def. tired and was getting a bit discouraged. I was relieved to complete them.

The 100 squats I broke up into 30, 15, 25, 30. In total I took 15 breaks combined during the double unders and squats. That meant I had to do 75 DB Push-presses.

I was really disheartened. The number just sounded insurmountable. The had to break the 75 into smaller increments, lest I get overwhelmed by the work. I did it by 10s. After each set, I shook out my arms and took big breaths. All the jumping was killing my mid-section. I felt pukie by the 50s set. When I had 25 left, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I called time and collapsed on the floor. My body felt like one big heartbeat. I love that feeling.

I'm just happy that even though I have this potentially serious injury that could sideline me for a long time, I'm still getting my dose of high intensity. I have the best coaches.

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