Thursday, May 19, 2011

Having some clarity

3 Pull-ups on the minute for 10 minutes

I started with the 1/2" band for the first 4 minutes. Then on minute 5, I had to go up to the 1" band. I believe I did 11 rounds, just cause I lost count. 

After that I jammed over to SMC to join Frank n Beans for some Pose running- Yay'er! I will have video coming of the improvement of my pull and foot landing. You're excited, aren't you. We did an hour of running drills that included jumping rope. The wod ended up being 12- 100m runs for cadence on the minute; any leftover was rest. Using a metronome, we started off at a pace of 90 beats per minute. After 4 rounds we upped it to 93 beats per minute. The last 4-100m we paced at 96 beats per minute. 

The intention of the metronome is to be mindful of the timing AND HEIGHT of the leg pull off the ground. The faster the beat, higher and quicker you have to pull your foot off the ground. The WOD killed me--- not my lungs but my hamstrings. By the 8th-100m, my legs were not happy. The felt sooooo heavy. The springiness in my "bounce" was lost, but I did my damndest to keep up with the metronome as its speed increased. Frank took video of our pose in rounds 4 and 10. We reviewed the first video between rounds 8 and 9, and it was evident that I was still have a slight heel strike on my right foot. 

The second video shot in round 10, even though my legs were greatly fatigued, showed that I had definitely corrected my heel strike and I was looking "lighter on my feet" on my landing. My pose was a true pose. Yay'er!

I definitely did not eat enough calories today to fuel the amount of work I did. I'm starving and sleepy all at the same time. 

Oh, BTW, seeing myself on the video, I can now totally see the change in my body comp. Not great, but I definitely can see that I leaned out and have more definition. It's bonkers. 

Must eat/sleep now. 

Today, after a week of pretty intense work, my body is WRECKED. I'm sore all over. I love it!

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