Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm alive!


4 rounds for time:

20 Hand release burpees

400 meter run

30 Sit ups Wall Ball

15'  10' Rope Climb, 5 ascents

Today maybe the first day I genuinely don't care about my time. I am completely happy with just finishing this difficult Hero WOD. I thought of "Rick" often in those 57 mins. Especially on the runs, when I wanted to stop; I thought, I'm alive, not dead, keep moving-- over and over, like a mantra. 

Doing Annie yesterday, really aggravated my hip flexor. So I subbed in with Wall Ball. Not sure why, since it made more difficult, but I'm glad I didn't cop out with a not challenging movement. 

Before starting the WOD, Diso asked if I could climb the rope. I answered, "I haven't tried since I've gotten stronger." I looped the rope around my right leg, anchored my left foot on top of my right, and pulled up; I was climbing the rope. Without difficulty. I mean the anchoring part. I shimmied up the rope and made the mistake of looking down, and I sorta freaked. Diso and I made the arrangement that I would climb as far as I felt comfortable with, taking into account my level of strength and tiredness as the WOD continued. I'll be honest, some attempts I would get about 2 feet away from the top, and some attempts my arms would just not work and I only got up half way... So I'd average my climbs to be about 10'. 

I couldn't be happier that I have another epic gain today--- 2 days in a row!!! 

Really, again, I will admit that eating clean equates to elite performance in the gym. I am the living data to prove it. Just plain crazy. 

This week has been soooo good :)

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