Friday, March 05, 2010

Yesterday was a Rest Day

I woke up yesterday still feeling pretty beat up from the Mon/Tue WOD combo. My calves were screaming and my shoulder still had intermittent pulses of electricity.

The WOD was a series of gymnastic skills: Ring rows, Kipping Pull ups, Knees to Elbows... skin the cat/inverted hang on the rings.  Four of the skills that I didn't list were very shoulder reliant, so I really couldn't do them with my banged up shoulder.

Yesterday was also my 2nd day back on strict Paleo, and somewhat loose Zone.

8oz Chopped Kale and Beet Salad with dried cherries with lemon juice dressing
4oz turkey soup

1/2 red Pear

Salmon stir fry with bell peppers and onions


 You see, for the past 2 weeks I had been giving myself a lot cheats, eating pita and some brown rice, having more beer than I need to. My weight loss just ceased. I just stayed at 112. So I needed to be reassess what this was all for, why I got involved with Crossfit in the first place, and losing weight was number 2 on my list. The first reason was stress/anxiety.

Tonight we're having a Paleo extravaganza at Deniz' house. I'm making a 3 things: Prosciutto and Brussel Sprouts, Curried Cauliflower, and Almond Milk Flan.

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