Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ugh. The Zone.

I just weighed myself w/ BF %: 110.4 lbs @ 27.4% BF

Since I seem to be making progress, I want to ramp it up and attempt to try my hand at the Zone.
After finagling with a few Zone Block Calculators, I finally figured out what I need to let my body run at top performance.

12 Complete Daily blocks-
3 blocks Breakfast
1 block Snack
3 blocks Lunch
1 block Snack
3 blocks Dinner

1 block is  9 grams Carb- 7 grams Protein- 3 grams Fat, which means for Breakfast I will consume:
27 grams of Carbs, 21 grams of Protein, and 3 grams of Fat.

So measuring and being mind of what I consume will be my main focus for the next few weeks. What's great is that I can measure by eye, but the hard part will be remembering the gram values of the carb/protein/fat for the measured item.

I will probably be bitching about it for the first 2 weeks.

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