Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rest Day

"NorCal Sectional Workout A"

Against a 6-minute running clock:

Run 800 meters

Max rep overhead squats (115 lbs/75 lbs)

Scored by total number of overhead squats.

I modified it to 600 meters and 20#s OHS.

My score: 28

I worked out at 7:30PM with the On-ramp class. I know that my running is slow and needing much improvement, but thinking about it I realized that I am going through a transition period with my Vibrams. I found this really great article about the effects and adaptation of wearing Vibrams and it seems to quell my mind about how much my running can and will improve over time. 

Vibram Five Finger Shoes are changing my body.

AMAZING NEWS: I can do GHD sit-ups! I did 30 today! Whassup-whassup! I think my abs and my back and my quads are all strengthened to a point where I can do the motion without shooting pain in all those parts! This Crossfit thing is crazy working! I am soooooooo stoked! Yay Assassin!

What did I eat today? 

6oz Asparagus Soup
Half Miso Salad

6 Sui Mai dim sum

8oz milk.

12oz Fat Tire

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