Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Into the Spiritual Fire I go

Tonight is the mark of something new. I am born again to a new way of thinking. I will let go all preconceived notions of how things should be, and come to accept the way things are. I wholly embrace the positive energy that flows my way and no longer smite the good deeds that don't meet my inflated expectations. Tomorrow I will be grateful for the things that lift me up, and remind me that I am worthy of the kindness of the friends I keep around me. I hope to accept that receiving is as pleasurable as giving. I will try my best to not place conditions on my loved ones, and if I do, and they do no meet my condition, I will not punish them for it. How can they live up to something they do not know they were measured up to?

I am not disappointed in myself. I loved the best way I knew how. I hope you challenge my love and expand my horizons. Together we will learn so much about ourselves.

Take me. I surrender. I'm open to feeling everything inside.  

Even the bad stuff.

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