Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 steps forward, 1 step back

21-15-9 reps:

Deadlift (225/155) I did 105#

Overhead Squat (135/95) I did 35#

Can I tell you, everything felt really heavy today. I just can't believe that I did DL just last week at 127#s and I felt good and strong; then today, by the set of 15 I was hurting. I felt a tinge of twitching in the muscles around my butt bone. It was getting to be uncomfortable by the end of the WOD. I went really light on my Oversquat, but I'm glad I did because my wrists were about to go out on me in the last set of 9. I could really feel my mid-line stability cause it was my abs that immediately started to feel sore when I collapsed on the floor. I felt really good at the bottom of my squat, I was getting really deep; I'm glad that I got to work on my technique. 

It looked so easy on paper... it's those that kick your ass the most. 

Want to see something  AWESOME (sad for me)? Heather Bergeron's 10 year daughter is doing the 25#s for the OH squat weight, just 10#s less than me!!!! And mini-Bergeron SQUAT SNATCHED her first rep. Much respect. 


Tomorrow's WOD is run 5K. I hate to run. But I'm going to give it a shot. I don't think I"m going to time myself exactly. Here's the route I plan in my neighborhood.

I hope I make good on it, cause y'all know how much I love to run :)

PS- my foot ailment yesterday was a vicious internal foot cramp. I'm all better.

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