Saturday, October 09, 2010

Full Frontal

Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

I'm totally surprised that I made a PR. Seriously. I went into the box not really feeling confident. I knew that 85#s was my 1RM record set back in April. We just did a WOD that included high rep front squat in September and I did 65#s for that and it seemed really heavy at the time, so I assumed that I'd stay around 85#s this day. 

When I got to rep 4 @ 85#s, it seemed easy. Diso said my form looked great, my depth was low and I kept my chest vertical and my elbows up. A big improvement from in the past when my chest would dip when I would fire up. 

Onto 95#s, I got low enough but my chest did come forward when I drove up. I stayed at 95#. On my second attempt, I was mindful to really drive my elbows up when felt myself tipping forward. It really helped, and I was able to keep my chest more vertical driving up the heavy weight. 

On my last rep, I loaded up 100#s and just kept focus on depth, keeping my stomach really tight and pushing my elbows way up. It worked. I felt good and strong and could feel myself battling the urge to lean forward. I was super happy. 

Now I can front squat my own body weight. Yay! That, in essence, means that I can potentially squat clean 100#s. That is now on my goal list. My squat clean PR is 75#.  

Now that my FS has gone up, it probably means I've gotten stronger and could potentially back squat more than my 110# record. I'd like to see if I could BS 130#, if the theory of being able to Back squat 30% more weight than your Front Squat holds true. There are similar theories for the Press progression: 
Shoulder press

So ya, I'd like to test out my Back Squat and my Squat Clean. 

Week one of Zone went great. I feel great. My workouts have been awesome. I can't complain. 

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