Monday, July 18, 2011


45 Double unders

45 Cleans (135#)  Hang Power Clean (55#)

45 Ring dips (w/ 1" band)

45 Double unders

I feel like I'm really close to ring dips without a band. This work out definitely helped in building more strength in my arms. 

I really liked this WOD. After about 10 HP Cleans, 55#s was starting to feel heavy. Towards the last 20 reps, I found myself having to really use my entire body to jump the weight up on my shoulders. I have bruising on my clavicles today. 

My last 45 DUs were grossly bad. I couldn't get the rope under my feet. It took my 6 tries to get my last 9 DUs. Pretty fuckin' sad. I should have been sub 16 mins, seriously. Whatever. 

I did make it back into the box for open gym later on in the day. I was just messing around, practicing the butterfly kip when I felt it kinda all come together. Diso said I looked good. I kept at it when I finally felt myself getting a lot of air... I got my chin at bar height! So I kept trying over and over, when I finally got my chin above the bar. Now I can't tell if I'm above the bar or not, so I had to have Sto confirm it. I'm totally pleased! After only 2 weeks of learning and practicing the movement. 

Shows what you can teach the brain and body after consistent repetition and practice. 

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