Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More is.... MORE!

Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:


20 meter Sprint

14 One legged squats

21 Double-unders

I'm stoked. I know I should base my personal gains by comparing myself to what others put on the board, but isn't that the point of the board? Por ejemplo, I think that Jaime is way more advanced than me in many areas, and I exceeded her score... Granted, I don't know how she scaled the WOD, but knowing I got more work done in the same amount of time makes me feel good that I could keep with someone I feel is farther along in her fitness journey. 

I did 105#s (which I wanted to do more, but Zeb told me to take easy) and I used a small box to do my pistols. The box was beneath my butt to catch me if I fell, which I did. From the seated position I still had to extend one leg out and stand straight up off of one leg; it was difficult. Double Unders are definitely my nemesis--- for now! I'm still doing that extra hop between each DU. G thinks it's now ingrained in my brain, like I've made a neurological pathway that now has to be broken and taught to do a DU w/o the hop. If I had DUs down I'd have easily 4 rounds in 7 mins for this WOD. 

Today was a good day, not just in the box, but also at Dreamworks. I was called in to do a catering. I love the crew there. I think I say that every time I finish a shift. It's not work. John really wants to go to Animal in the next week or so. Excited about that. And he has a job lead that is temporary; an independent QA inspector whom runs her consult business was hired by Kaiser Hospital to do an overhaul of their facility.  Tomorrow I've got to shoot my resume over to him to forward to the DM. 

Plus, I have to haul ass to San Gabriel Valley to murder a guy named Steve, who may have cost me several thousand dollars in earnings in my stock portfolio. Like really. I've fired that entire office. There is a way to rectify the offices boo-boo hopefully... I don't want to think about it cause it will get me all hot and bothered. *Serenity now, serenity now, serenity now* Ahhh. 

Time to think of nothing. 

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