Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Complete three rounds for time of:

21 Dumbbell snatches, right arm

21 L Pull-ups

21 Dumbbell snatches, left arm

21 L Pull-ups 

(I did a scaled down version of 15 reps each with 10#db, with strict pull up with band, and a 15 sec hold in the chair position)

My time: 38:16

Yikes, this was yucky. Dumb bells are my nemesis. Lots of problems with my form: 1. Legs too far apart; I was have depth issues when my stance was narrower, so I seemed to land wide. 2.) Depth issues in my squat; my back was really tight in the first 2 rounds. 3.) Getting the dumb bell behind me; I had mid-line stability issues. 

The strict pull ups were doable, but very difficult after a set of 4. 

This was a doozy. 

Tomorrow I start Paleo-Zone with alcohol as a cheat, or one cheat meal that is Zone portioned. So if i'm going to have fries, it will be 2 blocks of fries. If I have a burger, it will be 2 blocks by weight; none of this willy-nilly of me eating copious amounts of food  in one day and making me sick. Of course, alcohol will not be moderated :) We will be following this regiment until Labor Day. 

My buddy in all this Courtneyrose. I love that girl. We're going to get lean, mean and become beasts in the box... Grrr!!!

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