Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sweet potato

I like our new scaling system. The point is to keep intensity up in line with the prescribed workout. I guess I'm happy with my time. I did 75#s for the back squat, which I happily did with a quickness. I took 2 breaks, but never racked the bar. The last 6 squats were tough.

K2E were horrible. A lot it had to do with the fact that my hands are just mangled still from the 100 pull ups I did last week, and that kipping your body violently 30 times doesn't feel too great, either. This part of the WOD is what took the longest.

For the KB swings I used the usual 3/4 pood and broke up the work in 10 rep sets. It went pretty quickly as well.

Again, I was surprised how much a was sweating at the end of the WOD. Maybe I'm really purging all the shit I ate and drank for the birthday month. Now that I'm eating clean maybe my pores are just another channel to extrude all the toxins, and their reaction is to sweat more.

Afterwards, I did my "socializing" in the lounge, which is the whole reason I came to the evening class; cause truly I feel I have a better work out in a smaller more controlled day class than the chaotic night classes. I got to have some quality time with Patsy. Tak joined in on the fun. When Pats and I went to dinner later on, we discussed how cool Tak is and that we would battle for his platonic affections.

I feel very drowsy and relaxed.... Still have to place the produce order. Oy.

I'm really excited about tomorrow's WOD. I'm a sicko.

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