Friday, July 16, 2010

Peso Muerto

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) 

My total on the board is not correct. The right total is 795. I'm super happy with my new PR. I'm sooo surprised. I remember 145# being really heavy. I warmed up at 135# and it felt light. Of course, G was like put weight more on that shit. I went up to 145#, but before I lifted it, G said not to fuck around and just add 5#s and set a new PR. Walked up to the bar and just did it. It felt good. Not easy, but not hard. 

Knowing that I usually lift 105#s for high rep DL WODS, I assessed that 115# would be good to start the 10 rep set. It was tough, the last 3 felt slopppy. I tried not to loose form and keep a strong back position. 

The next single, I knew I wanted to add more weight. So I added another 5#s. I pulled and it felt heavy. 

The second set of 20, I dropped down to 105# which is what I know I can do, but never at that many reps. And can I tell you, the 20 DL did not feel bad at all. I felt good. My form felt strong. No tweaking of the back.  G immediately said I should have done more weight.

On my last single rep max, I tacked on 10 more pounds to make it 165#. Walked up to the bar and pulled. Once the bar was off the ground, it was slow motion to get fully erect. I stood strong for a good 3 seconds and dropped the bar. It felt good, not ugly. 

Since my set of 20 was strong, I decided to stick with the same weight of 105#s for the 30 rep set. Going into it I felt tired after the first 10. After 15, I felt my form starting to compromise. At 20 my hands started to hurt, I was loosing my grip. I stopped at 24-- Fail! I was pissed, but I couldn't pull out 6 more. I was tired. I took a break, but did finish my last 6 reps. Even with the little 15 second break, the last 6 were really difficult. I was gassed for sure. 

Overall super happy with my performance.  I feel confident that I am getting stronger, and that I shouldn't be intimidated to go heavy. To quote G, "You're stronger than you think." That's the best compliment ever :)

Paleo-zone Day 4 and I feel good. Who knows if my eating clean is contributing to my jump in strength.  10 blocks is not a lot of food. I'll show you a picture of a 2 block meal. 

Smalll, right? That is a 3 oz can of tuna, so I don't even eat the whole can, only 2/3 of it. That's 2 kiwi and 6 almonds. 2P-2C-2F. After I inhaled this lunch, it felt like it was a drop in the bucket of my stomach. Oy. It's not hard. I like it. But it's getting some taking use to. 

I going to eat soon. Again. 5x a day I do some like the picture above. Sigh. 

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