Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!

Seven rounds for time of:

205 lb Clean, 3 reps

4 Ring handstand push ups

75#s is my recent PR weight. Of the 21 reps needed to complete the WOD, I probably did 1/3 more in failed attempts. G said it was suppose to be a heavy clean, not a weight that you're comfortable with; it should be challenging. And it was. It wasn't but the first WOD I did in the new space (3 weeks ago) that I PR'd 75#s, so I was "unfamiliar" with the weight. 

But I completed it, and I wasn't stressin' about my time, because I knew the accomplishment was in doing the heavy clean, working on my movement/skill: like really timing my jump/shrug when the bar is at my thighs; really exploding big; and getting my elbows around quickly while trusting myself to get under the bar even faster. 

Satisfaction. I wish we would do cleans more often. And Snatch. And OHS. And, and, and. Good news, though, the WOD today back squats. Yay!!!

I think this crossfit-shit is in my soul. 

The Universe is all up in my ear. Look what get's posted on FB by CF HQ: 

It is just what I need. I am a tad bit nervous. I don't know what about, but I am. Maybe a long run? Rowing? Upside down anything. I'm not too afraid of being called out in front the of the group, cause that means it's an opportunity to learn something new, correct bad habits and perfect a technique... and I actually want that.

10 days into the zone an I'm 103.6#s. I feel amazing and energized through the WODs.  I am seeing small gains everyday in my workouts. This was the main goal of being on the Zone. I'm stoked. 

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