Friday, July 02, 2010

No title #2

I scaled the rope climbs to rope lowers. I used my workout gloves because my palms were very tender. With just the tips of my fingers exposed, I still had rope burn on my thumbs and ring fingers. 

Since the incident at Yosan clinic on Tuesday, my back has been tight and twitchy-like. What happened was, during my treatment I was laying for about 20 mins on my back, which made my lower back tighten, cramp and seize. It felt really painful. Kristie had to then insert more needles in my face to relax it. Well, the past couple of days I've felt the tightness in my lower back during the day of the Cleans and with today's deadlift. 103# felt really heavy, I think because of my back, AND I'm sure the soreness in my forearms also contributed to that feeling. 

Another pleasant workout at PCF. Very grateful for the next couple days of rest. 

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