Saturday, December 19, 2009

MY workout of the Day was....

I thought I would be a good student, trying to raise my endurance and stamina, by biking from my place to Crossfit in Marina del Rey. Well about half way there on Fiji Way, my front tire goes flat!!!!!

Ugh, it was about 80 degrees and I didn't bring any money... I call David to tell him my misfortunes. I decide to take off the front wheel (Leah carried it) and push my bike to Crossfit. Along the way, a helpful bike enthusiast stops to try to repair my tire. Well, after 40 mins of replacing the tube and pumping with air, the repair doesn't take.

We continue the walk to Crossfit, about 1 mile away. I get to the gym completely dehydrated and stiff from hold my bike up; my shoulders were screaming. At that point, it was 1PM and the class we just finishing up their workout. David was kind enough to do a mini workout that consisted 3 rounds of 500m rowing, with 2 mins of rest between each round.

While I was rowing away, Leah took it upon herself to walk to Sports Chalet and get my tire repaired.

We bike home. We stopped several times along the way as I was completely exhausted... My legs were just had no more gas in them.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 114.4lbs. Last Monday I weighed in at Crossfit at 119.4lbs. That's whole 5 pounds that I fluctuated.

It's frustrating. I don't feel like my clothes fit any looser.

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