Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A stinker

Three rounds of:

10 Deadlifts

30 GHD situps

Wow, this was doozy. The bar was stinkin' heavy. And the GHD sit ups were gross. My back was achin' the whole time, even with the amount of rolling and stretching I did before the WOD. Glad I got below 10 mins. It was the sit-ups that slowed me down for sure. By round 2 I had to take a break every fourth sit up due to being dizzy and that my muscles were failing. Round 3 was the worst, my legs would not fire at the bottom. I literally had to use my abs/back to get up from inversion. Ya, my abs are sore already. 

My deadlift was heavy, but it felt good to do the WOD at this weight. Now I know I can do 130# on high rep WODs. Sweet. 

Very very sleepy. Only got 7.5 hours. I needed to be home to register for classes at 12noon, so I set my alarm to be at 10AM class. I'm glad I did. 

Today, I started a new regiment as part of my cool down to accomplish my goal of doing strict pull ups. 
5 jumping pull up with slow eccentric decent
5 very slow strict pull ups with thinnest band

My arms and shoulders are definitely feeling it right now. Not sure how to time this goal, but I'm thinking if I do this consistently I could get a strict pull up in a month or so... who knows?

Still eating clean. Body definitely craving carbs and feels a bit weaker and sluggish from lack of calories. 

Shake, Shrimp Salad from CPK, Coulotte Steak, Spinach. 

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