Monday, August 16, 2010


Three rounds for time of:

30 One-arm Thrusters, 15# Dumb Bell

Overhead Squat with PVC pipe, 30 reps 

This was my special WOD to accomodate my left shoulder which is still weak and not fully functional. 

My right tricep was screaming by the end of the first round. By the end, my abs were screaming as well. It was a good medium level workout. I can't wait for my shoulder to be functioning. Even then, I'll be taking it easy, I don't want to reinjure it. 

I was told by 2 people today that I'm looking thin... like too thin, and that they were worried about me. Well, I am participating in the CF SB Paleo Challenge. It started today. My stats are: 103.2#s, 25.4% Body Fat, 26.5" waist, 33" hips. I don't know if I have anything left to loose. I may actually gain weight. I have started to take a post-workout protein shake to hopefully promote muscle healing and shorten the time I'm all sore.  If you want to know what a person who follows Paleo you can follow my FOOD LOG

I don't think I did that well in my phone interview with UNFI. The interview was not what I expected. I thought they were going to ask me character questions, which I was completely prepared for, but theY went a different route. They asked about my views on the current affairs with the words "organic," "natural," and "conventional." Now I have a huge opinion about it and I had a million things flying in my head, and all the thoughts that came out of my mouth were not linear thoughts. It was obvious I was frazzled. I'm not happy with what I said about organics. I could have divulged more, I didn't even touch upon the USDA's approval of organic pesticides/herbacides/fertilizers... "Natural" I hit the nail right on the head. "Conventional" was tricky. 

They also asked about why I felt "Fair trade" was important and what impact does it have on the industry... I mean these questions are soooooo open ended that I could have spoken for hours about each topic and either offend the hell out of someone or come off as an over-zealous nut job. I probably succeeded in both. 

I tried to salvage the interview in the end by emphasizing my experience fulfilling the exact function/tasks of the position. I stressed that I have strong existing relationships with qualified foodservice outlets in all sectors including fine dining, hotel/resort, business & industry, institutional (including Hospitals), education, and all the major studios, so hopefully they see that. 

Interesting things I found out about the "territory manager" position is:
-Newly created department focusing on foodservice outlets only
-Territory is LA/OC
-1 overnight travel WEEKLY req'd
-company laptop provided
This last bullet confirms to me that I'll be processing my own orders like Sysco and US Foods reps, so no customer service support for me.

I really want this job. I know that I'm am completely able to kick ass at it. Elise said she'd get back to me in 2 weeks to inform if I will move onto the in-person interview. 

Cross your fingers. 

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