Monday, August 09, 2010

Double your pleasure

Three rounds for time of:

10 Ground to overhead (95/ 65) [35#s]

200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

This was horrible. Really. I hated it. As well, I'm unhappy that my shoulder is acting up again. I could not comfortable press or jerk the bar above me, but I could snatch the bar. I find that weird. So I snatched all 3 rounds, which completely gassed me for the run. Then there's the tumultuous relationship with the run. It was yucky. 

After I finished the WOD, I had a huge headache that radiated from my ears and creeped to the back of my head. I felt dizzy and had to sit down for a bit. Martina thought that it may be my breathing when I run. I do have to say that I probably breath incorrectly or at least in a way that isn't conducive to getting as much oxygen to my moving parts. I would describe my breathing while I run as "hyper-ventilating." When I did the jog for the warm up, I did notice that my left arm went numb.  I probably should speak to someone about this in earnest. 

And in good news: I did 8 double unders in row!!!!!!!! Woo hoo. So Friday, I chained 2 together. Today I chained 3 together. Then 4 together. And then within 10 mins I did 8 together! How cool is that?
I'm seeing results to my commitment to working on it. 

I should also be giving my pull ups this kind of attention :-/ 

PS- just like I predicted my ass is completely sore from the back squats on Sunday. 

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