Thursday, August 05, 2010

Little Giants

Three rounds for time of:

Row 500 meters

30 Box jumps, 24 inch box

25 Back extensions

20 Deadlift

I scaled down to the 20BJs (16"), 20 BEs, and 15DLs @ 105#s. 

I loved this WOD, even with my sore body going into it. I knew that the rowing was going to get me in regards to time. My first 500 row I came in at 2:29. The box jumps were ok, I couldn't get a rhythm the first round. The back extension were fine the first round as well. Going into the Deadlift, I notice that my hamstrings are really tight from the BEs. I break up the work into 3 sets of 5. 

Round 2 I was tired. My row dropped by 16 seconds to 2:45, my box jumps were a snap. I just got a good head space and did them. I think I took a break once at #14. The BEs seemed to breeze by as well. My posterior chain and back seemed warmed up at this point and helped with the movement. 

Round 3 seemed to go fast for some reason. I really think my I was breathing better, I wouldn't characterize what I was feeling as tired. My last round of rowing I did the exact same time as round 2 of 2:45, which I think is pretty awesome. My last round of box jumps felt "easy"--- you know what I mean, not easy easy, but I had a good rhythm and didn't feel overwhelmed. The last round of BE really sucked for some reason, I just wanted them to be over. My DLs felt solid. 

So overall, I'm happy. I completely gotten over my shame/fear/embarrassment of scaling. I completely embrace it and know that it is what will make for a good foundation to slowly chip away at making BIGGER, GRANDER gains in the long run. 

I've decided to use my other blog to track my journey towards coaching kids crossfit. I think it's apropos that my domain is Littlest Giant--- that's what kids who do crossfit are, Little Giants :)

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