Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kunoichi, the 10th orifice

Kunoichi (くノ一?) is the term for a female ninja.

A popular etymology would derive the term from 九能一 (能 "nō" : talent) with Japanese numbers "ku" (九) for "nine", the particle "no" (の) for "and" and "ichi" (一) for "one", literally translated to "Nine and One". The meaning for this name is derived from the number of orifices on a female body. A male has nine, a female has one more (vaginal opening) and possesses the skills to make use of this orifice as well. Another theory asserts that the term is apocryphal and coined in the writings of Ninpōchō novelist Futaro Yamada

~Translated from by Wikipedia

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