Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've got this

Three rounds for time of:

15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents

21 Ring dips

50 Squats

My scale: 

3 rope lowers 

15 push ups

50 squats

Did push ups on my left arm and the shoulder didn't have any pain. I was a bit apprehensive but it worked out ok. I am glad to lower the reps to 15. Overall the WOD was "good enough." I didn't feel too pushed. After I called time, I immediately got up and started to jump rope. I had the goal to get 50 DUs. Being warm from the WOD, I easily chained up to dozen DUs at a time. After getting to 50, I then felt beat up like I normally would after a WOD. I am going to test out a method where I don't immediately lay down on the floor after the workout, but immediately pick up the jump rope and do 50 DUs. I know the guy Ryan has the same tactic; he immediately jumps onto the rower and rows 500m. I'm not sure if this is something Rob Orlando does or where on the journal I read this but I know a firebreather makes it point not to collapse and die, but to got right into another cardio movement to "cool" down. So I'll give it a try as another method to push myself. Esp. since I'm scaling way back for my shoulder. 

My abs have been so sore since my GHD day. I love/hate the feeling. As well as my calves are sore probably because of the jumping pull up. Ahhh. 

DMB tonight. Should be a good time :)

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