Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I made the mistake of not eating breakfast. I was running late and didn't take my fish oil, nor my fruit nor a protein goodness.

I went to City Wok and thought I would get Beef and Broccoli with Brown rice. Ya know, protein and roughage. Well, since I've been eating whole foods the past 6 weeks, I have become very sensitive to extra salt and sugar. The brown sauce the meat and veg were swimming in was soooo salty and sweet, and the cornstarch slurry they used to thicken the sauce hadn't really dissolved and felt gritty in my mouth. Plus they had not prepared brown rice so I opted for the white rice, which I had about 7 bites of, about an ounce.

I left very unsatisfied and unhappy about putting myself in this situation of bad food choices.

Later on in the day, I was hungry and wanted to eat something to "satisfy" me, not fuel me. I went to Porto's and had half of a Pan con lechon with 3 ham croquettes. Of course, the sandwich was dry and flavorless and the croquettes were salty. It's like my body is setting off all  the alarms that all the foods I use to find so much pleasure in isn't going to please me anymore.

I plan to have a tangerine and milk before I go to bed.

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