Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When I initially started looking for a gym to join in November of last year, I was motivated by my weight and how poorly I felt about myself because of my weight. I was 118-19 pounds. 2009 was spent having to buy the next size up on all my clothes: all my slacks were replaced, all my blouses would no longer button up, and even my bra size went up a whole cup size. It was total mind fuck, plus it hurt my wallet.

After being part of Crossfit for 4 months, the focus has come away from my weight, but more on my health, which includes my strength, endurance and, of course, nutrition. Losing weight is the added bonus to focusing on my health. I have now lost 9 pounds, so I'm more than half way from my goal weight. I don't think I even care about achieving that number because I feel amazing. I love my body, I'm wearing clothes that I haven't touched in over 2 years. I feel comfortable in my skin. That's worth more than a number on the scale. Every time I work out I seem to surprise myself at what I'm capable of doing- lifting more weight, doing more reps, shaving seconds off of my row time- that's what I value now.

But want to hear something cool? I no longer have any cellulite. Seriously. No matter how hard I try to squeeze the flesh part of my thighs, the dimples don't appear. Now that is awesome.

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