Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Maybe just WOD happy

‘Barbara’ – 5 Rounds:
20 10 Pull-ups
30 15 Push-ups
40 20 Sit-ups
50 25 Squats
With a running clock, rest exactly 3 minutes between every round.  Your final time will include your 3 minute mandatory rest periods.

Kazoo walks in the door at 4PM and says, "You want to WOD at 5pm?" Without skipping a beat, I reply, "What's the WOD?"
Even though I did a strength WOD, a 20min AMRAP triplet, plus 400m walking lunge earlier in the day, another WOD was not out of the question. After hearing it was Barbara, I decided to scale it in half to keep the intensity up, really treat like interval training, and save my hands from pure annihilation. 
Off to LAXCF we go... 
I'm quite happy with my times: 
Round 1- 2:00 flat
Round 2- 2:28, my biggest drop off
Round 3- 2:44, 26 second gain
Round 4- 2:54, 10 sec gain
Round 5- 3:02, 6 second gain

Round 3 and 4 it seems that my push ups were the most difficult. Round 5, I did them in sets of 5. I really think that I have officially graduated to doing push ups in WODs with no bands forever and ever Amen. That's pretty fuckin' cool. 
I did all 10 pull ups straight without break all 5 rounds. My sits up felt like slow motion. My hip flexor was feeling really tight; must have been all those box jumps and Knees to Elbows. Squats were squats; thank goodness I do Curves :) 

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