Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Challenge myself

For time:
155 lb Power Clean, 10 reps
1 Rope climb
155 lb Power Clean, 8 reps
1 Rope climb
155 lb Power Clean, 6 reps
1 Rope climb
155 lb Power Clean, 4 reps
1 Rope climb
155 lb Power Clean, 2 reps
1 Rope Climb

75# is my 3RM for Power Clean. I couldn't even put up 80#s once. So 70#s is 95% of my max. I was on the fence about doing this weigh just cause 10 and 8 reps is a lot... It was but 2 weeks prior that there was 3 Power Clean EMOTM for 7 mins WOD that I did 70#s, but that is only 21 reps total with some rest between sets. This 32 reps of just GO! GO! GO!

Black Lara told me to do 70#s even though I had reservation about it. A few weeks back there was a couplet WOD of Power Cleans/ GHD sit ups 21-15-9 that I did 60#s at that time and it wrecked me, so I thought 10# jump would be ludicrous. But I did, and I'm glad. And I feel stronger. AAAAAANNNND, Francisco, who was cheering me on during my last couple of minutes of agony, came up to me and said that my last reps were in perfect mechanics as my first in the WOD. I think he said something like "Your form is always perfect from beginning to end." A couple days prior, he was also witness in my Fran WOD, and he had commented on how my pull ups were legit all the way until the end, that my chin was always over the bar, leaving no room for doubt. I'm proud that I uphold those standards for myself. I definitely give credit to Zeb and Diso, whom were always on us from the early days back over 2 years ago about keeping good technique and not half-assing reps. Do it right or don't the waste the energy. Mechanics, consistency, intensity. It took up a year and half to finally bring the intensity into my WODs, and in some movements I'm still not there yet... Like my box jump. I still don't feel confident at 20" so I take it slow and make sure that I stand all the way up at the top. Do my times "suffer?" But I want to things properly first, there will always be time to ratchet it up...

I super love Crossfit. 

Oh, and being part of OnRamp, and at times having to demo movements for Zeb and Diso, I realize how far along I've come. I think I was demo'ing the back squat/OHS and rope climb, and as 14 pairs of eyes were on me and watching my technique, Diso commented to the group, "Guys, Assassin has been doing this a long time, you'll get there, too." 

It warmed my heart... and it makes me want to go after my goals more aggressively... This Crossfit shit really does work! 

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