Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Encima de la Cabeza

Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

5 reps:
PVC Pipe-Weighted PVC Pipe-15#-20#-35#
1 rep:

I arrived at the box at 4:45pm and immediately got down to hip/glute mobility wods. After 30 mins of stretching and massaging my left nalga, I decided to do some OH squats. I started with the pvc pipe, 5 reps felt great. Onto the weighted pvc; that felt great as well. With the blessing of G, I went onto do 5 reps with the 15# bar. My hip felt all nice and "greased" up. I did notice that my shoulders and back did feel tight, but not a big deal since the weight was so light. Onto 20#s, and it still wasn't a challenge. My confidence was raised. 

At 35#s, I definitely started to feel a tingling in my back, but I immediately thought it had to do with my mid-section not being stable. The last 2 reps I took a large breath in and really "braced" myself, and those reps definitely felt more solid, with no tweaky feeling in the back. 

At 40#s, I jerked the weight overhead and the bar felt really heavy for some reason. I took a deep breath and slowly lowered; I dont think I got low enough cause I didn't feel that solid at the bottom so I came up prematurely. I dumped the bar. I picked it up to clean and rack it AND that when I felt it: the little shock of electricity that shot from the bottom of my tail bone and up my back. It small shock, but a shock none-the-less. 

So, my body said, NO, I'm not ready. I put away my weights and bar and went back to the foam roller. In the short amount of time of doing the low weighted OH squats, my back managed to completely tighten and knot up. It was as if the first 30 minutes I spend doing myofascial release didn't happen. It was painful to roll out. 
I didn't have time to ice at that point, but I do plan to ice my hip/glute/back when I get home tonight and  soak in epsom salts. I can't wait!

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