Friday, September 24, 2010

Press your luck!

Shoulder Press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

Upper body strength is definitely my downfall. I have made strides in the past 10 months of doing Crossfit, but I know there is always room for improvement in building my upper body. I looked into all my past blogs and could not find PR for the shoulder press, but I went into the WOD thinking that my PR was 40#s, but it's unfounded. I know that in high rep WODs that included SP, I would default to 35#s. So I'm glad that I got to set a "PR" of 42.5#s . I know that working on my SP will lead me to handstand push-ups, but that's far in the distance. 

I want to make a quick mention of a blog that I stumbled upon, No Crying in Crossfit.  In the right margin, the author of the blog has a heading "BAD ASS CROSSFIT LADIES," followed by a long list of blogs of female Crossfitters. I slowly peruse all the witty blog names, some menacing, some just their given birth name... when I come across "Sweet Assassin." For a second, I thought, "there's another sweet assassin?" I hit the link and it lead me right HERE. I was dumbfounded and touched. In my journey discovering my physical capabilities, meeting goals, taking big strides, seeing the changes in my body and how I approach everyday challenges, never ever have I thought myself a bad ass crossfit lady. This moniker I save for the other women that I cheer on in my box, that I marvel at in the Games, and those I meet in our growing community... but not little old me. So to see myself placed in the group by a BAD ASS CROSSFIT LADY is humbling and inspiring to keep progressing in my crossfit journey. 

Crossfit keeps getting better and better. 

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  1. All my CrossFit ladies are badass, IMHO. You are fighting the good fight to better yourself, so you absolutely deserve the "badass" title. Keep it up girl. :)