Thursday, September 02, 2010

2 days in a row

I did scale A @ 45#s. This WOD really socked it to me. In a good way. I felt really good with my thrusters. I was getting really good hip extension, which enable me to get the bar over my head swiftly. The hang cleans really gassed me. I thought for sure it would be the thrusters, but it was the hang cleans. Now, all 8 rounds I did the 7 reps without a break, but after complete the set it would definitely take me a second to catch my breath. 

The High pulls I had the habit of breaking them up into 2 sets of 5. Overall I'm happy with my work. I collapsed on the floor, feeling that yummy euphoric feelings. My shoulder is definitely sore, but not in pain. I did the shoulder mobility WOD with Rader today, so hopefully it will help the soreness pass quickly. 

More hot tub action tonight, so I'm really drowsy yet again. Good night!

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