Saturday, February 25, 2012



Deadlift 155#
Handstand Push ups

My time- 14:57

I used a 15# plate and one ab-mat. The plate was definitely thinner than the bumper plates we have at PCF.  I'm hesitant to mark my time RX, cause of use of the plate... I did do the RX'd weight and I didn't modify the movement... I don't know, you be the judge.

Been in Florida for 2 weeks now and I'm truly starting to miss home. I wish I could take my Nanay back with me. I love being with her... all the crazy stuff that comes out of her mouth. I yearn for the friendly faces at PCF... the positive, encouraging environment that fosters amazing feats of fitness. I miss my bed, my french press coffee in the morning. I realize how comforting it is to be in surroundings that one is familiar with; I appreciate the 4 mile drive to the gym that I could do blindfolded. And the predictable SoCal weather is sorely missed.

While for the first week, it was fun to explore the unfamiliar territory of South Jacksonville, I found that there wasn't much novelty in what was found. Miles upon miles of shopping centers of fast food burger joints, pawn shops, and big box stores like Wal-Mart. The diversity is nil in Jax. Where are the brown, yellow, black people? Tacos? Nope, hardshell tacos from grade-school, maybe.

The good things here in Jacksonville: Everyone is so polite. Now mind you, polite is NOT the same as friendly. I think we need more manners in SoCal.

5 more days.

Oh, I miss my mom, too.

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