Tuesday, December 18, 2012

kinda sad

I'm kinda sad that I fell off the wagon on keeping my blog updated...

I just remembered that I did Fran RX'd sometime in the summer and finished in under 17 mins I believe. Not bad really. My goal was sub 18 mins.

After doing Fran and "suffering" that length of time, I believe that I made a agreement with myself that doing something RX'd shouldn't be the goal... We all know that the lower weight the more intense it is. I think I need to focus on not lifting weights that could pose a threat to injury. I don't think my wrist will ever be 100% and I have to keep that in mind when I do high volume HSPUs or heavy jerks.

I averaged 2-3 posts a month. How many WODs did I do that I never recorded? How many PRs did I set that I can never look up....?

I remember in 2010 when I was so diligent on keeping track of every lift,  every movement, every breath, every emotion when it came to my fitness. I blogged about what I ate, how it made me feel, how much I slept and if it made my time slower.

I  know I blamed it on coaching... That I was more wrapped up on improving someone else's overall health that it was no longer necessary to focus on me. I can honestly say that in 2012 I am/was the most fit I've ever been. More importantly I knew what I had to do improve and achieve my goals... I didn't have the blueprint to my health in 2010, which is why I was voracious in my desire to know anything and everything about Crossfit.

I guess it was inevitable.

My next journey is definitely focusing on Oly lifting. And maybe tackling my gripping fear of running.

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  1. hey there, littlest giant!

    i know the last communication we had was not so pleasant, and for that i apologize. i'm back in the states now and would like to talk to you at the very least. my number is 509.675.5458. i'm coming to la at the end of march maybe we could have lunch or a beer or coffee or something. anyways i hope all is well and you are doing marvelous.