Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't want to be rich on paper, I want to rich in EXPERIENCE!!!!

I think I have Celiac Disease. The anemia, GI issues, GI bleeds, the eczema, the super bloat... I plan to call my Primary Care Physician to get a blood test done.

I'm very interested in taking up photography as a hobby. I lust the Canon EOS XTi. There are some on craigslist for less than $500, new unopened. That is what I want for my birthday.

I have gotten over my obsession with quitting or trying to get fired from my job. I looked out on the job listings and there is nothing out there that I have interest in doing AND for sure there are no listings that would even give me the personal freedom I have currently AND I really do not want to start all over again to get where I am financially.

I really need to start saving money. Every month I say "next month" and i never put away what I want. Instead, I "realize" that I need something or something big pops up, like new tires or brakes, that prevents me from putting away money. I have no discipline because I completely rely upon the next paycheck to come in. It's horrible. I wish I could live like this would be my last paycheck, I would rethink on some of my frivolous expenditures. But at the same time, I hear my Nanay saying, you can't take it with you. For example, I want to go to Hawaii for my birthday. I cannot justify not going just so I can save money. I want to experience life NOW. I don't want to be rich on paper I want to be rich in EXPERIENCE! So, yea, Charles and I are going to go away and bask in paradise. It will be worth every dollar I spend. Time spent with loved ones with the limited time we have on this earth has a bigger return of investment than some measly few percent the money would have made sitting in my bank account.

It's always YES to Lauren.


  1. i have always been interested in photography. i went through a period of time when i would look online daily for a canon digital rebel. yet i've never been okay with pulling the trigger on such an expensive piece of equipment with my inexperience.

    i've been incredibly unhappy with my job for the past three months, moderately unhappy for about six. despite the economy situation, i am putting in my resignation within the next few days. there is just something about consistently having to decline plans, my hard work being ignored, and my requests going unfulfilled that has put me over the edge.

    a lot of changes will be happening with me in the next few months: no work (occasional graphic design, web and video projects here and there), full time school (only two and a half semesters to go!), a new car (mine doesn't run), and a new place (cheaper, walking distance from school). a lot of adjustments will need to be made. but one thing for certain is that i will finally have time to make the voyage to retardville.

  2. sounds like your'e doing some cleaning. I totally support just finishing school. Then it will be done.

    Cousin, I'm on sonata right now. See I'm completely lucid and aware. You will have to tell the entire story of our phone conversation. I'd like to turn my hallucinations into montage scene of one Charles' short stories. I need you to tell them to me.