Monday, October 13, 2008

The necessaries

On another matter... I've really let myself go, specifically regarding some of the basic female pamperings: Pedicure/Manicure, Eyebrows and the scaping of the Vag. I have no idea why I've taken a back seat to grooming. I don't want to you read that I'm dirty or unkempt... just less polished, I guess.
It's like I need a visit from the Homos from Queer Eye for the Hetero Girl. I'm trying to figure out why the detachment to primping and preening that I've ritualized since I was 14 years old.

Am I trying to deflect any unwanted attentions from the opposite sex? Hardly does a unruly brow or a snaggle toe prevent a man from wanting to be inside of a vagina... maybe this is my stance on how the superficiality of LA will NOT dictate how I will present myself.

Or maybe I'm just lazy. And I don't give a fuck.

New Platform: Big Bushes are back in! Au natural for 2009.

On that note....

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