Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bleeding vagina liberal

Today I have Math and English Assessment tests required by the college if one hasn't been in school over 5 years. I haven't taken a "test" in years, and after overcoming many real world challenges (like closing quarter million dollar deals) one would think a placement test would be a non anxiety provoking task... but I feel like I'm in 11th grade all over again, the feeling of dread seeming to grow and multiply within as the seconds of the day tick away.

I wonder if I can bring a calculator to the math test.

New York Institute of Technology is the DEVIL. Yes, Satan himself, tangibly formed into buildings, offices and all those satanic souls found in those offices. They are withholding my transcript because it on their record that I registered and attended classes in the Spring of 2000, all the while residing in one of the many run down campus dorms. This statement is fantastical and unfounded. You see, January 2000 I had voluntarily admitted myself into an out patient rehabilitation program for drug and substance abuse.

YES, Lindsay Lohan, I made Rehab cool before you had even started your menses.

NY Tech is seeking almost $10K from me. Holding my transcripts hostage for $10K! How does one charge for a dorm room that no one even lived in? How do you charge for classes that I never enrolled in? Hmmmmmmm?

Yesterday, I did go to my "alma mater"-- Inter-Agency for Drug Abuse Program (I-Adarp). My intention is to obtain my entire treatment history to be proof to the Devil that it is impossible that I was student living on campus and attending classes.

We'll see.

Lots of TV action last night, my DVR was doing double duty: The Debate, Game 5, and Project Runway finale.

Who won? Who should've won? And is she a one trick pony?


  1. Did you watch the finale? I wanted her to win since the beginning! Thanks for calling today. The hives are gone. I just have to deal with explaining my absence to my bosses in more detail than yesterday. Apparently I'm on my second warning. 3rd means I'm out. Gah. I was just watching a Nano commercial and you picked probably THE best color. Did you already wipe out the songs that I put on your iPod? If not, check Senuti. If you did, I've got plenty more to put on there some time.

  2. You should follow up with a specialist and take one of those tests where they inject with all these allergens.

    First week of Sept. I had the same thing, hives. My doctor put me on Prednisone, a cortisone steroid, and it made my stomach bleed, so I ended up in the ER. Ya, not good.

    Guess who is coming up tomorrow? No, not Nanay. You get another guess.


    I do love my new Ipod. I get soooo many "Can I see....?" from complete strangers. I soooo need to bring my Seagate to your house I steal all you music soon.